Introduction to Flash CS5

Chapter 1 - Getting Started

  1. Getting Started with Flash CS5
  2. The Properties Panel

Chapter 2 - Drawing in Flash and Working with Text

  1. The fill color vs the stroke color
  2. Understanding the difference between object drawing mode and merge drawing mode
  3. The PolyStar Tool
  4. Types of text fields in Flash

Chapter 3 - The Flash Timeline Window

  1. Working with Layers in Flash
  2. Creating a frame by frame animation in Flash
  3. Understanding when to insert frames, keyframes, and blank keyframes

Chapter 4 - Symbols in Flash

  1. Introduction to Flash symbols

Chapter 5 - Tweens

  1. Working with Classic Tweens
  2. Adding a Layer Mask in Flash
  3. Adding a Classic Motion Guide
  4. Easing

Chapter 6 - Nesting

  1. Creating a Nested Animation
  2. Another Nested Animation Example