MIS 21 under Dr. Vergara Summer 2009

April 16


A spherical ball with radius R cm is submerged in water in a glass that is T cm tall. The diameter of the glass is D cm. The glass is filled with water. How much water is in the glass?
Write a program that determines the amount of water in the glass, given R, T, and D. You may assume that the dimensions are integers, but the resulting amount is a double.
Optional: When the glass has been emptied, some surfaces will remain wet (sphere and glass). Compute the total area of the wet surface.
Write both a console application and a windows application.

April 17

C++ Project that demonstrates multiple types (classes,enums,structs) in a single source.

April 20

Activities for today while waiting for your instructor: Work on these tasks. Moodle submission may be required, but wait for your instructor, or keep posted on this website for details.

April 30

Lab exercise due May 1 12 noon:

Create a multi-form Windows application that uses the Desserts library. The first form creates the dessert with an icecream topping. The second form, invoked from the first form, adds additional toppings. The dessert contents should be displayed and updated accordingly in the forms. Make sure to use the updated Desserts.DLL file ; it now contains Properties to facilitate simpler display and provides read access to the extra toppings (the previous versions did not provide this functionality).

May 5

Sample xml file and DLL file to be used for today. Exercise: create a windows application that supports the following features, through buttons from a main form:
  1. From an add record button, a new song record is inserted into the xml data file. A new form should pop up that facilitates entry of fields.
  2. From a print report button, list all records in the xml data file, using the ReportClass provided by the DLL.

May 7

May 12

Code to be used for today's lecture. Try it against this database.

May 14

Sample Handson Exam

Create a Windows application that connects to the following Owners Database with two tables (PERSON and THING). The application should start with a form with two buttons that:
  1. searches for a PERSON record given his/her initials, and displays that person's first and last name (40 points)
  2. opens a new form that lists all THINGs (description) that the selected person owns (40 points). The new form should display the name of the person as well.
For the search function, display "Not Found" if there is no matching record (10 points). The second button should not open the second form if a person has not been selected; instead, display a message box with the message "Select Owner First" (10 points). You may pattern your program after this EXE file

You do not need to submit this exercise. Note that there will be an actual handson exam on Monday, May 18.

May 15

We will not hold classes today. Between 12-12:45, I will be around for consultation on the project. Note that Project 1 is due midnight today.

May 20

Excel sheet to be used as a database today.

May 26

Review class today. Final Exam tomorrow (Berchmans 104), 4:30pm on May 27.