Project 1: Due January 15, 830pm

Create an app called "My Portion" that computes a user's portion of his/her food bill. When a group goes out and eats together in a restaurant, the bill provides a total amount for the entire group. Usually, this amount is split evently. However, not every person in the group orders the same meal, so splitting may be unfair. Write an app that takes, as input, the prices of the individual items of your order (2 food items, a drink, and one dessert item). Upon clicking on a "Compute" button, the app will display your portion of the bill. You will need to automatically compute the total price applicable to you incorporating any discount, service charge, (percentages will be part of input), VAT (fixed at 12%), and tip. Refer to the following screenshot, which you do not have to follow exactly, as long as the essential inputs and features are present:


The app will contain several text fields (with labels beside them for clarity), a "Compute" button, and appropriate labels for totals and subtotals. Include a "Clear All" button that clears all input fields for convenience.

To manage the keyboard that pops up during input, don't forget to make the controller a delegate of the text fields and then insert the following code right before @end of your source file.

- (BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)theTextField {
    [theTextField resignFirstResponder];
    return YES;
You may wish to explore advanced control features such as sliders and switches. Refer to the following screenshot for an example (which includes a senior's discount feature):


Submit a zip file of your project (, where xxxxxx is your id number) via moodle by the deadline.