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Runs applets outside of a web browser.


appletviewer [options] url...


The command-line options separated by spaces. See Options.


The location of the documents or resources to be displayed. You can specify multiple URLs separated by spaces.


The appletviewer command connects to the documents or resources designated by urls and displays each applet referenced by the documents in its own window. If the documents referred to by urls do not reference any applets with the OBJECT, EMBED, or APPLET tag, then the appletviewer command does nothing. For details about the HTML tags that the appletviewer command supports, see AppletViewer Tags at

The appletviewer command requires encoded URLs according to the escaping mechanism defined in RFC2396. Only encoded URLs are supported. However, file names must be unencoded, as specified in RFC2396.

Note: The appletviewer command is intended for development purposes only. For more information, see About Sample/Test Applications and Code at



Starts the Applet Viewer in the Java debugger with the jdb command to debug the applets in the document.

-encoding encoding-name

Specifies the input HTML file encoding name.


Passes the string javaoption as a single argument to the Java interpreter, which runs the Applet Viewer. The argument should not contain spaces. Multiple argument words must all begin with the prefix -J. This is useful for adjusting the compiler's execution environment or memory usage.

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