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Java Scripting Enhancements

Enhancements in Java SE 8

The JDK 8 release is co-bundled with the Nashorn, which is an implementation of the ECMAScript Edition 5.1 Language Specification.

Enhancements in Java SE 8u40

The jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.ClassFilter interface enables you to restrict access to specified Java classes from scripts run by a Nashorn script engine. See Restricting Script Access to Specified Java Classes in the Nashorn User's Guide and JDK-8043717 for more information.

Enhancements in Java SE 7

The JDK 7 release is co-bundled with the Mozilla Rhino JavaScript engine based on version 1.7R3 pre-release sources with Oracle modifications. You can download the Oracle modified Rhino sources at

Enhancements in Java SE 6

No changes to report.

Enhancements in Java SE 5.0

No changes to report.

Enhancements in Java SE 1.4

No changes to report.

Previous Enhancements

No changes to report.

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