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Java Platform, Standard Edition Deployment Guide
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33 Troubleshooting

This topic provides troubleshooting tips to try if you encounter any problems deploying your Java or JavaFX applications.

This topic contains the following sections:

33.1 Running Applications

Use the following checklist if you have trouble running applications after they are packaged:

If the tips in the following sections do not help to resolve the issue, then the following actions are suggested:

33.2 Development Process Issues

33.3 Runtime Issues

Basic checklist:

33.3.2 Self-Contained Applications

33.3.4 Applications Embedded in the Browser

  • Validate your version of Java at

  • Check the JavaScript error console for errors.

  • Try a different browser. See if the problem is common to the system or is browser-specific.

    Remember that not all browsers are supported. For example, Chrome on OS X is not supported.

  • Find out the architecture of the browser you are using. Most of the browsers are 32-bit even if you are using a 64-bit platform.

    Install/upgrade 32-bit Java and JavaFX runtimes to resolve the problem.

  • Review the browser's list of installed plugins.

    • There should be only one Java Plugin in the list. For JavaFX 2.2 and Java 7 update 6 the correct plugin is version 10.6.*.

    • On Windows, there should be only one Deployment Toolkit plugin, and it should be the same or a higher version than that of the Java Plugin.

  • Safari 6 on OS X if the file:// protocol is used:

    • According to default Safari 6 policy, "no file:// is allowed to open any local resources that might run code". This means that Java and JavaFX applications will not load and appear to get stuck on the spinning wheel.

    • Run a local web server or disable local file restrictions. To do this, enable the Develop menu, then check the Disable Local File Restrictions menu item.

  • See the Java SE Troubleshooting Guide for tips on how to troubleshoot generic Java plug-in problems.

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