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Programmer's Guide to the Java 2D API

Java SE
1.4 version

April 24, 2001

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Java 2D API Overview

Enhanced Graphics, Text, and Imaging

Rendering Model

Coordinate Systems




Fills and Strokes


The Java 2D API Packages

Rendering with Graphics2D

Interfaces and Classes

Rendering Concepts

Rendering Process

Controlling Rendering Quality

Stroke Attributes

Fill Attributes

Clipping Paths


Composite Attributes

Setting Up the Graphics2D Context

Setting Rendering Hints

Specifying Stroke Attributes

Specifying Fill Attributes

Setting the Clipping Path

Setting the Graphics2D Transform

Specifying a Composition Style

Rendering Graphics Primitives

Drawing a Shape

Filling a Shape

Rendering Text

Rendering Images

Defining Custom Composition Rules

Rendering in a Multi-Screen Environment


Interfaces and Classes

Geometry Concepts

Constructive Area Geometry

Bounds and Hit Testing

Combining Areas to Create New Shapes

Creating a Custom Shape

Fonts and Text Layout

Interfaces and Classes

Font Concepts

Text Layout Concepts

Shaping Text

Ordering Text

Measuring and Positioning Text

Supporting Text Manipulation

Performing Text Layout in a Java Application

Managing Text Layout

Laying Out Text

Displaying Dual Carets

Moving the Caret

Hit Testing

Highlighting Selections

Querying Layout Metrics

Drawing Text Across Multiple Lines

Implementing a Custom Text Layout Mechanism

Creating Font Derivations


Interfaces and Classes

Imaging Interfaces

Image Data Classes

Image Operation Classes

Sample Model Classes

Color Model Classes

Exception Classes

Immediate Mode Imaging Concepts


Using BufferedImages

Creating a BufferedImage

Drawing in an Offscreen Buffer

Manipulating BufferedImage Data Directly

Filtering a BufferedImage

Rendering a BufferedImage

Managing and Manipulating Rasters

Creating a Raster

Parent and Child Rasters

Operations on a Raster

The WritableRaster Subclass

Image Data and DataBuffers

Extracting Pixel Data from a SampleModel

ColorModels and Color Data

Lookup Table

Image Processing and Enhancement

Using an Image Processing Operation



Color Concepts

Describing Colors

Mapping Colors through sRGB and CIEXYZ


Interfaces and Classes

Printing Concepts

Supporting Printing

Page Painters

Printable Jobs and Pageable Jobs

Typical Life-Cycle of a PrinterJob


Printing with Printables

Using Graphics2D for Rendering

Printing a File

Printing with Pageables and Books

Using a Pageable Job

Using Multiple Page Painters


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