DEC 140 (Corporate Models and Decision Support System)
ITM 189 (Seminar of Information Technology Trends)
ITM 11 Diagnostic Test 2015

  • This course aims to provide an advanced discussion of information systems planning, development and deployment in business organizations. It touches on the relevant and important management issues affecting the Information Technology function. It is intended as the capstone course for BS MIS students and will therefore provide opportunities for integration and application of the other MIS courses.


    The most important objective of this subject is to show to the student the impact of introducing technology in an organization. At the end of this course, the student should be able to
    1. Discuss the importance of the strategic role of Information Technology and analyze the impact of Information Systems on an organization.
    2. Plan, design and evaluate a IS plan and a Change Management Plan for an organization
    3. Assess and address the issues that arise during the introduction of a new technology vis-à-vis different organizational components.
  • This subject introduces the student to general principles of project management in the IS environment. This is done by providing the student with knowledge and understanding of the interrelationships between system development methodologies and project management tools and techniques.